Semi Managed Email Campaign Service


You provide the content and we’ll send it – making sure it’s delivered legally and according to technical best practices.



Would you like to send an email campaign to your list but aren’t sure how to do it safely or correctly from a legal and technical point of view?

Or, you just don’t want to pay high subscription fees for software and full management fees?

If so, our semi-managed email marketing service can help.

Here’s how:

1 – Send us your email copy and list* (of up to 25,000 contacts). We’ll review your copy and suggest any improvements.
2 – We’ll then set your campaign up on our top-of-the line email server (more on that here)
3 – We’ll send you a test email of the campaign first, and then we’ll send your campaign to your list once approved by you
4 – We’ll send you a report, but you’ll also be able to log in 27/4 to your own account on our server to check statistics in real time

And the best part is that this only costs £75+VAT/$99, all in.

*B2B only and lists must be GDPR/CAN-Spam compliant


Once you have placed your order, please send the following information to using your business name as the subject:

  • Your email copy
  • Your email list
  • The email address you’d like to be used as the ‘From’ address in your campaign