Max Personalisation


Personalisation can be a whole lot better than just the average tag.



This is an add-on service that’s available for any of our set B2B email campaign packages (Starter, Growth or Pro).

With it, every person on your email list will receive an email containing unique and specific information/facts/data about their business that we think will help the performance of your email campaign.

During a manual and thorough review of their website and/or LinkedIn profile, we’ll look out for things like:

  • A pain point
  • A core value
  • A new office location
  • A new product
  • A new blog post
  • A new community drive
  • An important announcement
  • And so forth

We’ll then reference this in your email so that it stands out from every other generic email they receive.

Put simply, this add-on allows you to completely individualise your initial email, stand out from the crowd and significantly increase the number of new customers you win from your campaign.

Price is per 250 records.