As part of the marketing automation and email service we offer, we maintain a top-of-the-line email marketing server.

The Software

This server currently runs 2 marketing automation applications, both of which are available to all our customers.

The best application for you will largely depend on your project requirements – both have their own strengths and weaknesses but both take care of their primary tasks efficiently and effectively.

The Server

Both applications run in a highly secure environment. Our server is

  • Proactively managed 24/7 by one of the UK’s leading IT firms
  • SSL secured and security hardened
  • Based in London, which means all of your data is stored here in the UK
  • Automatically backed up 4 times per day
  • Built only with high quality Dell components, including SSD RAM

In short, our email server offers everything you need to run a reliable, successful and secure marketing automation process. Please contact us to discuss your needs in full.

If you would like to log in to your portal on our server, please do so here.