All projects run by Aeon Mac are managed by the founder, Alan MacDougall, and his team. Here is a selection of Feedback collected from our clients:

“Alan has been an absolute godsend at times. He really does understand the importance of automation flows and efficiency in operations. The operational support has been great and I have found myself needing him about 5-8x more than I needed him when we started working together!” – Akshay Ruparelia, Managing Director,, London, UK

“Alan is a great digital marketer. He is always readily available to help out with any problems and to come up with innovative solutions to them. His knowledge of marketing automation and email marketing in particular is excellent and he has helped set up and manage our companies email marketing platform which has resulted in big increases in revenue. We continue to use Alan’s services and hope to do so for the foreseeable future”. – Ben Durrant, Founder, Jobheron, London, UK

“Alan MacDougall is the digital Don Draper! If this pop culture reference eludes you or is too ambiguous, he is an incredible digital marketer who is professional, hard working, knowledgeable and seamless to work with (due to his character and communication skills)”. – Blake Cronyn, rBux, Canada

“Alan is an excellent email marketeer. It has been a pleasure working with him; and I highly, highly recommend him to any company needing assistance in this area. Thank you!” – Dr Michelle Commosioung, Chelsea International Education, USA

“The thing I love about Alan is that he makes your emailing flow easily and effortlessly without any hassle or drama. Alan is great to work with and a true marketing professional who knows his craft”. – Brendan Torazzi, AlertForce, Sydney, Australia

“Alan has been a pleasure to work with. Great communicator and always delivers” – Brian Roach, Live Energy Inc, Forth Worth, Texas, USA

“Alan is professional, competent and flexible to work with.” – John Dale, PayScanner, London, UK

“I hired Alan and watched my conversion rates and overall response to Adwords and the email campaign soar! I’ve spent far less than what has been collected in revenue for what I do as a natural healer in functional medicine. I am excited about the metrics going forward, as we scale the process with much welcomed predictability that I didn’t have before. I highly recommend this gentleman for his genuine skill, and is easy to work with too!” – Dr. Randy Hansbrough, HCFN, Stuart, Florida, USA