A Super Simple Behaviour Based Automation Your Sales Team Will Love

Sometimes, a really complex marketing automation funnel is required – one that will stretch out over 12 months (or more) and will draw on every piece of lead data you have available in order to action the perfect next step.

But, sometimes a short and quick automation can deliver amazing returns – just like this one.

All you need is:

1 – Active Campaign, with Site Tracking configured correctly and your leads phone number and email address already in your Active Campaign database

2 – 10/15 minutes to set it up and running (max)

What we’re going to do here is use this information to:

a) Notify your sales team/person that the lead is on a high value page on your site, and has been on it once before. In this case, it’s your Pricing page. Your sales team/person will be prompted to call the contact.

b) Send an email to the lead if the sales team/person could not reach the contact by phone within 24 hours. This email will contain a request to arrange a call to discuss an offer.

Simple, right?

Yep – but really, really effective.

All you need to do here is set the automation up as follows:

Step One: The Trigger

Step Two: The Notification

Step Three (a): The Wait

Does the contact have the tag ‘Ordered’ added after 1 day? . The tag ‘Ordered’ can be anything, and more specific too, eg ‘Widget 1’ etc (this automation works on the basis that a tag would be added to the contact record to signify the fact that they had purchased a certain product/service).

Step Three (b): The Email

If the tag ‘Ordered’ does not exist, an email is sent from the sales team/person with a request to arrange a call in order to discuss an offer:

Here’s the Automation in Full

In Sum

So that’s it – a really quick and easy automation that will let your sales people know when a lead is red hot and ready to call.

Crucially, it’ll also follow up with an email to those leads who haven’t ordered and who the sales team can’t get through to.